Run Mautic Simple

Many of you might have been here for a reason related on how to setup mautic by easily without going through any choked up with trouble that messed up everytime you try to run it .

For your information ,i am  not savvy tech nerdy or whatever  they called it. But when it come to free tool that will save me a lot of money wasted on that so called premium email marketing service. I’m willing to learnt some not so easy trick  to pump my brain out of juice.

In addition ,mautic platform are the best selfhosted email marketing [free to use] in order to run and setup in best performance – you must have vps hosting ,reliable and fast .  If you run it in shared hosting , you will have load of problem .

You Just Need 3 Thing To Have A Simple Free Email Marketing On Your Own.

  1. Good Vps Hosting  [Alpharack  – Recommended ]
  2. Amazon Ses 
  3. Webuzo

There you Go , a list that  help me built my own email services . But you might have to google up how to combine all these on your own effort. I hope these will help you onward .

I do offer installing services , start from installing mautic on vps,amazon ses configuration ,bounce management and that’s it.  $50

I accept payment in Crypto Currency e.g: eth,xmr,btc …

Anyone interested ,please email me at